TODDLER 1: 15 months to 24 months

The toddlers in our Toddler 1 program are are transitioning to more independent activities and are learning a daily routine. They start the school day with circle time which includes reviewing the weather, calender, and attendance. They then engage in their learning activities, eat snack, play, eat lunch, get ready for nap, and then play some more before the school day is over. If your child is ready, we can begin potty training. 

Voorhees Public School -PRESCHOOL: 3 to 4 years

In preschool, the children are now potty trained and ready to work! There is also a stronger focus on learning Kindergarten Readiness Skills while still emphasizing play, art, stories, and songs. Weekly themes are taught in a fun and engaging way and focus on fine and gross motor skills, phonics and language development, early mathematical concepts, shape and color recognition, social and emotional development, and problem solving.

Voorhees Public School -PRE-K:4 to 5 years

Your child will learn to develop both socially and academically in our Pre-K class. Our curriculum focuses on activities such as reading, language development, mathematics, science, and social studies. We use the Starfall Curriculum which utilizes proven instructional skills and strategies to teach reading and writing.The goal of the Pre-K program is to prepare your child for a successful transition into Kindergarten!

TLC Combo Class: mixed 3 and 4 year olds

Our mixed ages Preschool and PreK Class is offered to non-Voorhees residents. We use Creative Curriculum lessons and programming to ensure all children receive all of the benefits of the research based learning platform. Additionally, this classroom has the benefit of mixed ages which allows for the older children to serve as role models and leaders while the younger students are more likely to engage in more complex and higher developmental activities. Social and communication skills are emphasized - as well as increased confidence and cooperative learning opportunities for all. Our 4 year olds are prepared both  academically and socially for a smooth transition for their next step as the move to Kindergarten.


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TODDLER 2: 24 to 36 months

The toddlers in our Toddler 2 program continue with morning circle time and learning through play, stories, songs, and art. Potty training becomes a focus of the daily routine as each child has a reward chart for using the bathroom every time. The students are learning more independence and responsibility with their daily routines such as eating, cleaning up after themselves, and completing learning tasks.